Correct zoning and config for COFC / 9.07

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We are trying to configure COFC backups of our physical server estate and our VMWare server estate. (DP 9.07)

I am happy with the StoreOnce Catalyst Store creation process, and we are 99% happy the new devices have been created correctly under DP. 

My question is specifcally around the zoning and data flow as we want to ensure we are getting the performance and throughput we should expect.

> Zoning for Physical servers.

Should we be creating server specific zones per server which include:

  • WWN of the server FC HBA,
  • WWN of the Cell Managers FC HBA,
  • WWN or WWN's of the Catalyst Store FC HBA,


> Zoning for VMWare Integrated backups.

Should we be creating zones as follow:

  • WWN of VCenter
  • WWN of Cell Manager
  • WWN of SAN or Storage location for Datastore/VM Disks
  • WWN or WWN's of the Catalyst Store FC HBA


I would really appreciate some clarification as to what entries are required per zone and to achive a good data flow to our new Catalyst store .. The VMware in particular we are a bit confused around as these dont use traditional disk agent style backups.

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  • You need to create a zone for the StoreOnce HBA (WWPN) and the HBA of the Media Agent host (WWPN) that should access the Catalyst Store via FC. This Media Agent host is then configured as a Gateway for a B2D library inside Data Protector. I usually recommend to create one zone per Media Agent host. This applies to physical servers only, since CoFC devices are usually not passed through to VMs (due to VMware limitations).

    A VM should access Catalyst Stores via Ethernet. Starting with Data Protector A.09.07 a Catalyst Store can be configured to use FC (when available) and fallback to IP. This is a great solution for mixed environments of physical and virtual servers.

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    Sebastian Koehler

  • Thanks Sebastian

    That's makes sense regarding the Physical Server zoning through to the Catalyst Store.

    With regards to the VMware backup,  we are performing Virtual Environment Integrated backups (Where we specify VMs within the Data Centre, and not DAs per VM). This being the case where would the MA reside? would this still be on the Cell Manager? 

    And also, if there is a limitation for VMware backups not able to use COFC, would these backup be better placed on a StoreOnce VTL so that it could make use of FC?

    Thanks again for your help, and apologies I am just struggling to decifer the use case for each device and how I should plan the backups going forward.

  • If you're doing VEPA backups and the VEPA backup proxy (the client where the VEPA integration is installed) is physical the same rules apply as for physical host. This can be the Cell Manager or any other physical host with enough performance. If the backup proxy is a VM (in case you're doing HotAdd backups) the proxy will only be able to access the Catalyst Store via IP. There is no benefit using VTL over StoreOnce Catalyst!

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    Sebastian Koehler

  • Many thanks,

    What we want to achieve is LAN free backups of our Virtual Environment, and we can now see how to do this; proposing to use a Physical Proxy host with DA, MA, and VEA Agent to write directly to StoreOnce Catalyst. 

    1 thing we dont understand is how would you perform the restore of individual files from within the virtual machine?

  • Verified Answer

    With the VMware Online Integration in A.09.07 you can restore the whole VM, individual VMDKs back to vCenter/ESXi or to a temporary location (on any VEPA proxy). It also supports Power On and Live Migrate in case the backup was written to any Smart Cache or StoreOnce Catalyst device which is a great addition. If you also have GRE licenses (Granular Recovery Extension) for every ESXi host in tradtional license model OR using the capacity-based license model there is a Plugin for the VMware Web Client where you can restore single files and folders from those backups created.

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    Sebastian Koehler

  • Thank You Sebastian that's a big help.

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