DP 9.07 Using COFC - Poor Performance

Hi All

As the title suggests we have 9.07 Cell which has a VEPA Proxy backup directed to a Catalsyt Store using COFC.

(I have tried basic file backups also, same exact results for SAN attached drives).

All zoning and FC configuration would seem to be best practice.

We seem to be unable to get any better backup performance out of the StoreOnce (Acording to the activity screen) higher than 7MBPS - which is quite shocking for LAN free FC backups.

Can any shed any light or offer any words of wisdom as to how we could tweak the confg to get better throughput.

The StoreOnce has been updated to the latest firmware, and I have tried amending the backup device settings to reflect all manner of concurrencies.

Many thanks in advance.

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