VMDK Backup

Is there a point at which a VMDK file would be too large for a VE backup and a file system backup (installing the agent on the VM instance) should replace the VMDK backup?

  • for VMware I think the snapshot limit is 2TB (per VMDK). If you have volumes that size then its difficult to get that over the network from a VM using the DP agent too. In that situation, the VMDK should be converted to a RDM and DP ZDB could be used however this depends on the storage and if DP supports the storage array.

    So.....morale of the story is to understand the design and make sure you have a viable backup solution.

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    Data Protector A.09.07 supports GRE for GPT disks up to 16TB. This means the VMDK can be up to 16TB, too.

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    Sebastian Koehler

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