DP9.07 - Linux mount proxy - cached - how to cleanup

I am on customer site and we are testing DP9.07 with catalyst and cached vmware backups.

how do you clean up mount points as the GRE web interface comes up with errors and leaves mount points still mounted on the linux proxy....

just seems temperamental....

any help would be useful

  • I managed to release the GRE request by logging into the VM proxy, unmounting the mount point and killing the dpfs process. This seemed to work and I could start a new fresh GRE request for linux....

    but going out and coming back in to the same request, the GUI just reports "error while trying to get mountpoint for LVM - exception occured while mounting disk as flat file"

    are there any known issues

  • Verified Answer

    I'm actively working with support to resolve the vmwareagent-gre crashes on the Linux proxy that will happen during cleanup. Check /var/log/messages for any segfaults on the backup proxy. While there is a fix QCCR2A69141_HF2 that resolves part of the issue I'm waiting for a better version. This also includes some issues when mounting specific VMs and browsing file systems.

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    Sebastian Koehler

  • thanks Sebastian. When will the better fix become available?

    Also I believe v9.08 will support windows 2008 cached VM recovery with a linux proxy. When will this be available?

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