Restore VM failed (Could not write in the disk scsi0:0 (Error: '-1')

Hi ,

I'm trying to restore VM [SAN MODE] but i'm getting this error (Could not write in the disk scsi0:0 (Error: '-1') .

my environment [ data protector version 9.08 , storeonce 6500]

does anyone face this problem ? any suggestion would be highly appriciated.

After this error : restore failed

[Warning] From: VEPALIB_VMWARE@backup_host1.local ""  Time: 12/14/2016 05:52:39 PM
 Could not write in the disk scsi0:0 (Error: '-1')





  • I had the same symptoms today, but I am using NBD/NBDSSL. Also on DP 9.08.

    My Google-fu only led me to this community post and The latter was written for DP 8.12, but perhaps it is still relevant for DP 9.08.

    I ran the restore with debugging set to 1-499 (far too high probably) and stumbled upon this logging on the cell manager:

    [110] [diskLibLog] NBD_ClientOpen: attempting to create connection to vpxa-nfcssl://[SCRUBBED] SCRUBBED_20170118-113027/RESTORE_SCRUBBED.vmdk@SCRUBBED:902
    [110] [diskLibLog] CnxOpenTCPSocket: Cannot connect to server scrubbed:902: Connection timed out


    In our topology, the Cell Manager is not allowed to connect to ESX hosts; the Media Manager must do that. So the solution was to change "Backup host" in tab "Destination" from the name of the Cell Manager to the name of the Media Manager.

    Your problem and solution may be completely different, but do try running the restore in debugging mode and analyze the produced logging.

  • Did you find a resolution to this? I am having the same issue now that I'm just getting VE backups going. The backup runs fine but I am getting this during the restore. I am not getting anything further in the debugging log to work with.