DP 9.08 Azure MS-side storage type

I am trying to estimate the MS side Azure pricing of utilizing the new DP 9.08 Azure device. Looking at microsofts pricing tool that is linked here: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/calculator/?service=storage

What does DP use/require for the destination blob type storage on the Azure side? Namely, is it:

type: Block blob

pricing tier: standard blob storage account

access tier (either one, but 'cool' works ok)

Capacity? only 1TB max?...

Basically, I'd love to hear a simple explanation of how this is configured on the azure side and perhaps a screen shot of what this looks like in practice and what dimensions/types are required on the Azure side so I that can estimate MS-side cost. I mean, I can guestimate my storage needs and nightly transfer, but am wondering how that data gets divy'd up when the data is transfered from a file library to Azure via object copy job. 1 blob or multiple blobs per filesystem object? or multiple filesystem objects per blob if small enough? etc.

I will of course reach out to MS as well, but they probably won't know how DP uses the blob object store and will be of limited help.

  • Allow me to rephrase the question as: for a large copy job from a file library, containing 10's to 100's of objects of varying size, can you please describe how that data is arranged in blobs when it reaches Azure? e.g. each object has it's own blob of size that relates to the size of the object? with the limit perhaps from the HPe documentation that objects larger than 75GB are split among blobs? Thanks,

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    HI Adam,

    it behaves pretty much like the other backup to disk type devices in DP if you have experience with Smart cache or storeonce devices. Basically when you have more objects than maximum running bma agents (defined with load balancing max value) you will get multiple objects on same media eg; 

    Each media then respectively creates 3 blobs, one for the data and 2 for metadata: 

    If the data grows over 75 GB a new blob will be created for same DP media. So it depends you might have multiple objects in single blob or you might have just a part of a bigger one. 

    And another thing to consider if you upgrade to 9.08 from 9.06 or 9.07 versions adding azure device fails with "Internal error: DbaXXXX functions" error. You need to  manually execute and update script to overcome this eg:

    C:\Program Files\OmniBack\bin\dbscripts\CPE>omnidbutil -run_script QCCR2A66340_Azure_support.sql



  • Thanks! is that script also needed to correct an issue when you have a linux cell manager? I see that it is present:

    [root@its-dp9 ~]# locate Azure

  • yes, it looks like linux cell manager is affected as well. If you fail to add azure device just run this script

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