Migrate from DP 6.10 (Windows 2008) to DP 10.x (Windows 2016)


Currently planning to build a new Windows 2016 server and configure DP 10.6 to take over from the current Windows 2008 server with DP 6.10.

I've been trying to find a way to migrate the internal DB and backup policies over to the new server. It'll be using a new FQDN instead of re-using the old name as we'll be placing the new server in a new domain. However, I can't seem to find an easier way other than to redo each policy from scratch since the current version is pretty old.

If I deploy the new server's HP DP agents to the old server, would it stop the current backup?

Would it be possible to configure the new backup server first before cutover?

Any help would be truly appreciated.


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  • Hello , 

    This is a huge jump, so migrate the IDB is not possible. Starting at the point that both have different databases (DP 6 with RAIMA and DP 10 with PostgreSQL). 

    So, the best idea here is to keep the DP 6 as historical and start the migration of the clients to the new CM. 

    When you install DP 10.60, the connection to the old CM will be lost, so you will need to continue using the new one. 

    As you mention that new CM will have a new hostname, both CMs can be working at the same time, of course, the client can be part of only one CM. 

    So you will have time to migrate the clients and recreate the specifications. 

    I do not know if you will use new devices or the same as before, but this will be a problem if you will use the same in both. 


  • Hi  ,

    Thanks for the reply.

    We will be using the same devices for backup(tape autoloader), what problems will be encountered? Once the tape auto-loader has been added to the new CM, will the old CM still be able to use it, assuming the schedules does not clash?

    Thanks again!

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    Hello , 

    You can still use it, but the problem is that data will not be sync so there will be a mismatch in the data. But maybe you can use just a part of the tapes to backups in the old CM meanwhile you are doing the migration and then import the tapes you were using in the old CM. 

    If you want expertise and someone who knows how DP works, a planned migration and help, I really recommend to follow  recommendations to contact PSO to get someone to help you on this migration.