How to disable backup schedule on holidays?

I read in HPE data protector admin guide

By default, Data Protector runs backups on holidays. You can change this behavior by selecting the Holidays option. The backup on holidays is not performed until you deselect this option.


1. In the Context List, click Backup.

2. In the Scoping Pane, expand Backup Specifications and then expand the type of backup specification (for example, Filesystem). All saved backup specifications are displayed.

3. Double-click the backup specification for which you want to disable or enable backup schedule during holidays and then click the Schedule tab. 

4. In the Schedule property page, select the Holidays option to disable backing up during holidays or deselect this option to enable backing up during holidays. You can identify holidays from the Holidays file or as red dates on the Schedule Calendar.

5. Click Apply

I follow this exactly but on that day i marked as holidays the backup still run and whichever date i clicked it all ticked as holidays and the date on holidays supposed to changed to red square on the edge but it's not changed to that, its still full red square.

Please guide me