VM backup is using no more than 10 devices

Virtual Machines backup used only 10 devices although more than 10 drives selected on backup specification and concurrency set  to 20  ( Min=1, Max=20) .

The reason for this comes for default variable OB2_VEAGENT_DISK_CONCURRENCY setting on omnirc file on backup host .  OB2_VEAGENT_DISK_CONCURRENCY variable limits disk threads to be started in parallel for no more than 10 . 

In order to change this behavior need to modify omnirc file on backup host and set OB2_VEAGENT_DISK_CONCURRENCY to value higher value ( higher than 10 ) .

Note that high value for this variable can cause for lack of hardware resources and the whole backup can fail as it depends on the available hardware resources on the machine .

  • Hi Joseph,

    you need to increase the OB2_VEAGENT_VCENTER_CONNECTION_LIMIT omnirc parameter to allow more parallel streams.

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    Sebastian Koehler

  • You'll need to increase both OB2_VEAGENT_VCENTER_CONNECTION_LIMIT and OB2_VEAGENT_DISK_CONCURRENCY if you want more than 9 vmdk's backing up at the same time.

    Keep in mind that DP will use only 90% of whatever you set OB2_VEAGENT_VCENTER_CONNECTION_LIMIT at.

    So if you want 20 vmdk's streaming at the same time, I'd go with ...

    Min/Max of 1/20 in the backup destination load balancing.