enhanced inc. backup need consolidation?


I'd like to ask some help, because some thing not clear for me!

I run enhanced inc backup on all server (linux-win-hpux....). Our protecion on backups is 35 day.

Should i run consolidation every month or week? ...or it is just for simple incremental backup.

What happened if the first enhanced inc. (which is full) is run out of protection?

Could i restore file after 40 day....



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    How many frquently you run consolidation depend about your environmwnt, one per week will take less time than one per month.

    What happened if the first enhanced inc. (which is full) is run out of protection?

    For be able to consolidate those object a whole chain must be protected it means full and every incremental backuip, please check help online

    Standard Object Consolidation Tasks
    Below are the prerequisites and limitations of the objectSee backup object. consolidation functionality:

    All the backups that will be consolidated were performed with the Enhanced incremental backupA backup that selects only files that have changed since a previous backup. Several levels of incremental backup are available, which enables detailed control of restore chain length. See also backup types. option enabled.

    The restore chain Backup images that are needed to restore a backed up object to the state it was in at the selected point in time. In general, a restore chain of an object consists of its full backup image and one or more related incremental backup images. is complete, meaning that all the object versions that comprise it have the status Completed or Completed/Errors and all the media holding these object versions are available.

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    Sorry for my late answer! I think it works!

    thank you!!!!