Linux file consistent backups on VMware surely possible??

Linux file consistent backups on VMware, surely this is possible??


Have a read of this, Symantec Netbackup when it backs up Linux VM’s running on VMware, it calls a ‘SYMCquiesce’ utility which acts just like VSS on Windows and so enables file consistent LAN-free backup via VADP.


“On Linux virtual machines, NetBackup requires a special utility (SYMCquiesce) to quiesce the file system in preparation for taking the snapshot. Without SYMCquiesce, NetBackup cannot guarantee that data in the file system is in a consistent state when the snapshot occurs.”


This is back from February 2012, HP Data Protector must have a similar technology surely?


What is it called? how is it enabled?

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  • Thank you for your reply, but I have reviewed that document in detail and done much further research. From what I have found so far HP Data Protector (DP) cannot provide file consistent backups of Linux VM's running on VMware vSphere.


    The only solution/work around is to place a HP DP local agent in each Linux VM and in our case we have to have a dedicated backup VLAN, so a 2nd vNIC attached to that backup VLAN for every Linux VM. This is a very old fashioned and not virtual infrastructure supportive backup solution. This is the only way to create file consistent backups for Linux VM’s on Vsphere with HP DP


    If anyone has a better solution, please do say?

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