Data Protector - VMware Backup uses NBD method instead of SAN

Session report shows:

[Normal] From: OB2BAR_VEPA_BAR@mysys "/ Datacenter" Time: 8/28/2013 3:47:57 PMVirtual Machine 'lsp1app111': Backup disk scsi0:0 using transport method NBD ...


When the backup is configured, the SAN method is specified


NBD means that the backup is going over the LAN, so it will be slower


When doing a VMware backup, a folder is created in




with the same UUID as the Virtual Machine.  This folder is supposed to be deleted after the backup finishes, but this doesn't always happen, causing the next backup to use the NBD method


The solution is to check the folder




for any lingering UUID numbers (DO NOT do this when VMware backups are running), and delete the folder


The UUID number can be found in the Backup specification ASCII file, or in the VM Options area of the Options tab in the GUI