MS Windows 2012 Deduplication and HP Data Protector – Possible Data Loss!?!?



Today I've seen a very interessting advisory on a DataProtector blog site with the following news:


Since MS Windows 2012 is supported with Data Protector, the disk agent is able to backup and restore files from deduplicated volumes. However, when the deduplicated volume is mounted into NTFS folder, the disk agent cannot recognize the deduplicated volume and hence, cannot backup the Chunk Store. No error messages is displayed during backup. The error appears when you try to open recoverd files. An error message from Windows about corrupted files is displayed and in no way it will be possible to repair these corrupted files. The error has not been seen when the volume is mounted as a drive letter. All versions of Data Protector supporting Windows 2012 and Windows 2012 R2 are affected. A hotfix should already exist and can be requested when a support case is opened.


I would really like to get such critical informations directly from HP with the related hotfix and not coincidentally catch it on a blog!


Another anoying thing is the version control of the developer team. I can't understand a support engineer is providing me a "new" hotfix QCCR2A52218_TM1 and if I compare with the current hotfix QCCR2A52103-TM1 I have already in place, the "new" hotfix is about 12 MB smaller. After I've pointed out to him I've got the answer "maybe the developer team forgot to merge the new hotfix with the older one"!!! Hello HP, we are not talking about a cheap little Shareware, so can't we expect a quality and version control for  business critical product like DP!


If someone is interested, please check out the case 4647888579. If it carries on in this way, I'll lose my trust in HP and that means a lot, because I'm with DP since many years.


a somewhat frustrated customer

  • Well, I found the blog on "", and frankly, this is the first I have heard of this.  I checked for Lab cases, and I did find one that reported this problem


    There is supposedly a Customer Advisory being prepared (looks like not published yet), as well as a Site-Specific Patch (ssp).  I checked the SSP site, and saw no sign of a SSP that deals with this problem


    A test binary does exist, QCCR2A51331_TM1.  If you run into this  problem, open a case and refer to this test binary.  You'll probably have to run a set fo debugs, maybe not.  I would expect the SSP to be available shortly