Ipc subsystem reports: "IPC Read Error System error: [10054] Connection reset by peer

Hi I have this environment:

HP Data Protector 9.06 Cell Manager with Windows Server 2012
Agent Media Server in Windows Server 2012
VMware 6 U2

A few days ago, copies of VMware fail when you copy only a few virtual machines.

The task of baclkup, is suspended indefinitely and these errors appear in the log of the session:

Ipc subsystem reports: "IPC Read Error System error: [10054] Connection reset by peer

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  • Hi,

    first of all: I observe the same behaviour in two customer environments since DP 9.05. One customer is running DP 9.05 b106 on Windows Server 2008 R2 with vSphere 5.5 U3 (vCenter Server Appliance). CM is also MA and VEPA host. The other customer is running DP 9.05 on Windows Server 2012 R2 and vSphere 5.5 U2 (vCenter Server on 2012 R2). CM is also MA and VEPA host.

    After applying patch bundle 9.05, SAN transport stopped working. Only NBDSSL was used to backup the VMs. During a very painful and long troubleshooting process, HPE gave me the hotfix QCIM2A65619 and advised me, to split the jobs in more smaller jobs. But I'm still facing app crashs of vepa_bar.exe.

    I assume that's the same in your environment. Check the eventlog for app crashs of vepa_bar.exe.

    So you really run DP 9.06? Or is it 9.05 b106? Can you provide the output of omnicheck -patches from your CM?


    Hi Patrick, is the B106, you copy the command output


    Patch level Patch description
    DPWIN_00878 (A.09.05_106) Core Component
    DPWIN_00878 (A.09.05_106) Core of Integrations component
    DPWIN_00879 (A.09.05_106) Cell Manager Component
    DPWIN_00882 (A.09.05_106) Disk Agent
    DPWIN_00880 (A.09.05_106) General Media Agent
    DPWIN_00881 (A.09.05_106) User Interface
    DPWIN_00884 (A.09.05_106) HPE P6000 / HPE 3PAR SMI-S Agent
    DPWIN_00883 (A.09.05_106) English Documentation (Guides, Help)
    DPWIN_00878 (A.09.05_106) Core Technology Stack
    DPWIN_00879 (A.09.05_106) Cell Server Technology Stack
    DPWIN_00879 (A.09.05_106) Application Server Technology Stack
    DPWIN_00879 (A.09.05_106) Web Services
    DPWIN_00879 (A.09.05_106) Java Runtime Environment Technology Stack
    DPWIN_00879 (A.09.05_106) Job Control Engine Service Dispatcher
    DPWIN_00879 (A.09.05_106) Job Control Engine Service Registry
    Number of patches found: 15.
    Generated at: 2016-03-21 21:26:51


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  • Hi,

    okay, so it's 9.05 b106. Have you checked the event log for app crash events of vepa_bar.exe?

  • How I can check what you say? where is the log file?

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