Restore data protector

Hello Experts!

HP Data Protector A.09.00.   Every night (Mon, tue, wed, thu, fri) I do a full backup which fit on one tape LTO 6 (~2TB)  If the user is damaged a file and it asks me to restore it I can't do it quickly (~within the hour) because
to restore some file I'm supposed to celebrate it in the catalog and restore. In the catalog, check file I can not, because all subfolders and files
archive inactive (grey color) and it is possible to restore only the whole thing. To activate the sub-folders you need to import the catalog.
But the import of the catalog takes a lot of time (the user will have to expect to restore a single file is very long). Is there a possibility
something to take in such a situation?

 In the old OS Win2003, ntbackup coped with it without problems.

Use HPE 1/8 G2 LTO-6 Ult 6250 FC Autoloader

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