DP Not Using Specified Write/Catalog Protection Period

Hello Fellow DP Users,

I am trying to set the data and catalog protection periods for some of my backup jobs to 4 weeks. However, when I manually start the job to test the parameters I have set and the job finishes. The IDB reports the sessions data and catalog protection to be 60 weeks.

The only places I know of where data and catalog protection is specified, is the "Filesystem Options" section under the "Options" panel; and also the "Schedule" panel for the specified job. In the test I mentioned, both data and catalog protections periods were set to 4 weeks in the "Options" panel; and I had nothing scheduled in the "Schedule" panel and thus no protection parameters were set there.

As I mentioned, despite setting my desired protection periods, DP is ignoring them and setting them to 60 weeks. Is there another place where protection periods are set, which override the two places I mentioned for protection periods? I am untterly confused and stuck because the 4 week period I set works for some jobs but not others; and I can not tell what I might have done differently.

Thanks in advanced for any help anyone can give.