(DP) Support Tip: 10.02 mount request in copy jobs

Copy jobs with filter including objects from multiple source Storeonce devices are issuing mount request for RMA: 

[Warning] From: CSM@hostname "StoreOnce2_gw1 [GW 3352:0:8553362426116022565]" Time: 2/12/2018 11:07:53 AM
Mount request for medium:
MediumId : 13061fd9:5a8156d0:2410:0007
Label : StoreOnce1_MediaPool_2
Location :
Device : StoreOnce2_gw1 [GW 3352:0:8553362426116022565]
Host : hostname
Slot : 13061fd9_5a815259_2410_0003

It's trying to load media from device StoreOnce1 in gateway of device StoreOnce2 due to a problem in objects assignment. HF QCCR2A78222 is addressing this issue