Connection to CRS failed.

Dear all,

I've instaled a new Cell Manager (HP Data Protector v.9.0) in a CentOS machine.

As I know, all seems to be fine:

[root@BCKCENTOS01 lbin]# omnisv status
    ProcName      Status  [PID]
    crs         : Active  [3592]
    mmd         : Active  [3590]
    kms         : Active  [3591]
    hpdp-idb    : Active  [3560]
    hpdp-idb-cp : Active  [3584]
    hpdp-as     : Active  [3623]
    omnitrig    : Active
    Sending of traps disabled.
Status: All Data Protector processes/services up and running.


Asking about CRS:

[root@BCKCENTOS01 lbin]# crs
**********************  DEFAULT ERROR REPORT  *******************************
[Critical] From: CRS@bckcentos01 ""  Time: 11/29/2016 12:41:07 PM
CRS is already running.
File /var/opt/omni/tmp/ contains its process ID.



It seems that is running too. So.... I guess that all in working fine in the server.


Now I'm trying to install GUI System in my Windows 10 machine.

I've installed Installation Server (for Windows) and GUI.

When I try to connect HP Data Protector Manager (GUI), I receive the following error:


Connection to CRS failed.
To start the Data Protector daemons on the Cell Manager host use the command
omnisv -start on the Cell Manager
or check if the communication between the Cell Manager and client is encrypted with the command
omnicc -encryption -status -all on the Cell Manager.


As you read before Data Protector Cell is running.

And the answer for: omnicc -encryption -status -all is:

[root@BCKCENTOS01 lbin]# omnicc -encryption -status -all
Client          Enabled         Enabled(CM)
bckcentos01     true            true
[root@BCKCENTOS01 lbin]#

I can reach each machine with ping (server and my computer with GUI).

I guess that GUI download a ssl certificate, but not sure where it is stored. Or how can I find and delete it.

I was searching during last days, but nothing usefull for me.

Could you please help me?

Many thanks in advance,