Dataprotector 9 - moving files from tape to tape

Hello all,


Today I stumbled on a problem and can't managed to find a solution.

Here it is : 


I'm using Dataprotector to backup the server of my enterprise.

We have a MSL2024 tape library with 2 drives.


As each end of month we copy a bunch of backup from our vtl to a set of tapes for archiving.


This time the jobs messed a bit with the tapes and they used 3 tapes on which they spanned data. Of course the tapes weren't fully used.

For example, I have one with 94% free space, one with 50 %, etc.

How can I move the data from the 94% one to the 50% in order to optimize the space (without erasing the destination tape) and, of course, the number of tapes used.


thank you in advance.