Backup for "/CONFIGURATION" of almost all the clients in a cell manager failing with VBDA timeout.

Hello everyone

In a cell manager, backup of "/CONFIGURATION"  of all clients failing with VBDA timeout error:

[Major] From: BSM@XXXXX  "XXXXX" Time: 12/15/2016 1:00:46 AM
[61:1002] The VBDA named "XXXXX [/CONFIGURATION]" on host XXXX
reached its inactivity timeout of 7200 seconds.
The agent on host will be shutdown.

I suspect that there might be some issue from cell manager side because this error is coming for all the clients., please correct me if I am wrong.

If anyone else faced this issue before, please suggest how to fix it.


  • Hello

    Please let us to know DP version an list of pacthes installed.

    Best Regards

  • Hi 

    Thank you for the response. Below are the requested details:

    DP Version:

    [root@XXX tmp]# omnidbcheck -version
    HP Data Protector A.08.10: OMNIDBCHECK, internal build 206, built on Wed 10 Dec 2014 08:57:54 PM CST


    [root@XXXX tmp]# omnicheck -patches
    [12:1604] Cannot reach the CRS on the Cell Manager system.
    CRS on the Cell Manager host is not reachable or is not up and running.
    System error: [104] Connection reset by peer

    Dont know why it is showing that CRS down, all the DP services are up and running!!!!!

    [root@XXXX tmp]# omnisv -status
    ProcName Status [PID]
    crs : Active [31053]
    mmd : Active [31051]
    kms : Active [31052]
    hpdp-idb : Active [30948]
    hpdp-idb-cp : Active [31027]
    hpdp-as : Active [31141]
    omnitrig : Active
    Sending of traps disabled.
    Status: All Data Protector processes/services up and running.

    This is really weird as the server was rebooted 4 hours back and services are up and running fine.

    Any help is highly appreicated!

  • I would run a backup in debug mode and also check AUTODR.log on a client.

    Are you using firewalls? If not I would assume all ports are open?

    Does a normal backup work of say C: drive ? exclude CONFIGURATION as a test...

  • Hi

    Restarted the xinetd service and now patch details are visible, also the GUI is accessible now:

    [root@XXXXX tmp]# omnicheck -patches
    Patch level Patch description
    DPUX_00042/DPLNX_00330(BDL813) Core Component
    DPUX_00042/DPLNX_00330(BDL813) Core of Integrations component
    DPUX_00061/DPLNX_00349 Cell Manager Component
    DPUX_00043/DPLNX_00331(BDL813) Disk Agent
    DPUX_00064/DPLNX_00352 General Media Agent
    DPUX_00063/DPLNX_00351 User Interface
    DPUX_00047/DPLNX_00335(BDL813) Virtual Environment Integration
    DPUX_00046/DPLNX_00334(BDL813) English Documentation (Guides, Help)
    DPUX_00042/DPLNX_00330(BDL813) Core Technology Stack
    DPUX_00061/DPLNX_00349 Cell Server Technology Stack
    DPUX_00061/DPLNX_00349 Application Server Technology Stack
    DPUX_00061/DPLNX_00349 Web Services
    DPUX_00061/DPLNX_00349 Java Runtime Environment Technology Stack
    DPUX_00061/DPLNX_00349 Job Control Engine Service Dispatcher
    DPUX_00061/DPLNX_00349 Job Control Engine Service Registry
    Number of patches found: 15.
    [root@XXXXX tmp]#

    Triggered some SQL backups and they completed successsfully but backup of /CONFIGURATION is still failing with same issue. It writes data for few minutes and then gets stuck, eventually it fails with VBDA timeout error.

    Additinally all the hung sessions are cleared now.

    Please suggest what further steps can be taken to fix this.


  • on the client you are backing up, please attached AUTODR.log which is in programdata\omniback\tmp. This file should tell us something....

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