Ubuntu Server Disk Agent Install Advice


We have DP 9.09 on Windows 2008R2 with one Linux Installation Server on RHEL 6.

My Linux admin has asked me for the latest advice on pushing Disk Agent clients to Ubuntu. In the past it wouldn't play nicely with the IS and had to be installed manually.

So two questions really - can the DA be pushed from the IS or what's the latest advice for manual installs please?

  • Hello ,

    The Push Installation is not available for non-rpm based distributions. I continue to install and update deb-based distributions such as Debian and Ubuntu manually. The client has to have rpm package manager and xinetd installed. Here is a quick example how to install a Disk Agent to a x8664 Linux client system.

    mkdir /tmp/x86_64
    cp /opt/omni/databases/vendor/omnicf/gpl/x86_64/linux-x86-64/A.09.00/packet.Z /tmp/x86_64/CORE.rpm
    cp /opt/omni/databases/vendor/ts_core/gpl/x86_64/linux-x86-64/A.09.00/packet.Z /tmp/x86_64/TSCORE.rpm
    cp /opt/omni/databases/vendor/da/gpl/x86_64/linux-x86-64/A.09.00/packet.Z /tmp/x86_64/DA.rpm
    scp /tmp/x86_64/*.rpm user@client:/tmp
    ssh user@client
    sudo bash
    apt-get install rpm xinetd
    rpm -Uvh --force --nodeps /tmp/*.rpm

    Sebastian Koehler