Virtual Tape Ejected, unable to find it

Dear forum members,

I've configured HP Data Protector 9 with AWS (Amazon Web Services).

In AWS I created two tapes.

When I finished to configured HP Data Protector, I could see both tapes in my slots.

But I clicked on one tape, and right button -> Eject.

The tape was gone, and althougt I select Instert, It did not find the tape.


I receive this message from Data Protector:

[Warning] From: UMA@bckcentos01 "bckcentos01" Time: 15/12/2016 13:06:31

Mailslot(s) is (are) empty. Waiting for mailslot(s) to get filled.



But I do not know how to find and move the tape.

Do not kow where it goes.....


Could you help me?

Many thanks in advance,



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  • Thanks, thats right.

     I've found the solution.

    I did the eject yesterday, and I did not see any change in my AWS Gateway.
    It shows two tapes.

    I've entered my AWS Gateway just before to post this message, and I could see that I have only one tape.
    I went to tape tab, and I could see my two tapes.

    I retreive it, and I have this message:
    You have successfully initiated retrieval of the tape AMNZ617DC4.

    It takes about 24 hours for the retrieval to complete.


    So, I think that all will be fine tomorrow.
    Sorry and many thanks.