Autodiscover problem on DP 9.08

Hi all!

I would like to ask some help!

We have Data Protector 9.08 with tape library and StoreOnce...

We have lot of VTLs what were created on StoreOnce. Everything worked well untill last week, when i should have created some new connection (on HPUX) to these. I ran an autodiscover for that server, after zoning, but the DP GUI frozen, and must close and restart. I thought the zoning was not proper. I ran another discover on one of server (HPUX) what has already vtls, but the DP cannot find any device. It surprised me because the backups run well, all of VTL what where zoned and connected earlier works. So now i cant change anything, i cant modify any path, but the VTLs works. These servers use the same VTL groups.

I was curious and ran a discover on other server (Win server 2008 R2), what use a different VTL group and it was successfull, all of VTL appeared, backups works.

What could be the problem? What should i check? Could it be OS problem?

I think StoreOnce and its FCs works well!

Thank you!

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