Retval 8010, DP 8, and Exchange 2013 integration

Our friend RETVAL 8010 is showing up when I try to configure a backup job on DP 8 for Exchange 2013 integration.  Fortunately, right now this is in my test lab, but I'm going to need a solution for Exchange 2013 in a month or so.


Is this a known issue (read: an easy fix)?




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  • For 1 and a half year I have the described problem with DP and exchange 2013 ( installed on Windows Server 2012 ).

    It seems to me that DP-User's membership in the 'Organization management' cannot be verified reliable.

    I have a multi domain environment and DP 9.03 is installed on a member server in a sub domain.

    I've scheduled a task running every 15 minutes on a mailbox server with the following:

    e2010_bar.exe -chkconf

    The result changes every 12 hours ( or a multiple of 12 ):

    MS Exchange 2010 Configuration check success


    Configured User dp-user is not a member of MS Exchange built-in group 'Organization Management'.

    A year ago I opened a case with HP, it ended with the reference to the known MS article

    The following case with Microsoft showed that the file version of System.directoryservices.accountmanagement.dll

    on my WS 2012 is higher ( 3.5.30729.6387 ) than in the article.

    Any ideas?

    Best regards,