DP9.08 - db40 dirs still exist after catalog migration

I have upgraded a client from v7 to v9.08 and we performed the omnimigrate.pl -start_catalog_migration

this was done and I also used -remove_old_catalog

if I now run "omnimigrate.pl -report_old_catalog" is shows ZERO

omnidbutil -info still shows the db40 dcbf files listed and I can see old and new dcbf files created in the db40 dirs.

My action plan to sort this out is this:

1. move all db40 dcbf files into the db80 dirs

2. perform a omnidbutil -remap_dcdir

3. omnidbutil -fixmpos and omnidbutil -cdbsync

4. omnidbutil -remove_dcdir <path of db40 dirs>

I assume this will do the trick?

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