Connection to CRS failed on DP 6.11 installation


I am having issues trying to connect from the GUI to cell manager. The cell manager server which at the same time is the installation server is running hp-ux 11.31, and I have installed DP 6.11 on it. It implies that DP services are down, but:

./omnisv -status
    ProcName  Status  [PID]
    rds     : Active  [13750]
    crs     : Active  [13754]
    mmd     : Active  [13752]
    kms     : Active  [13753]
    omnitrig: Active
    uiproxy : Active  [13756]
    Sending of traps disabled.
Status: All Data Protector relevant processes/services up and running.

from the cell manager I can ping any "would be client" by its hostname:

#ping mcelbill
PING mcelbill: 64 byte packets
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0. time=0. ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1. time=0. ms
#nslookup mcelbill
Using /etc/hosts on:  mceldev

looking up FILES
Name:    mcelbill

but when trying to connect with cell manager, I get the following:

Please can you advise