How to rename an existing DB clients

Hello everyone

One of our customers wanted to change a DP client name. They are using IP address  instead a domaind names and wanted to change it.

Any suggestion how do a change  without reinstall and losing schedules and settings ?

DP 10.50 win clients

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    Hello , 

    If those are clients, you can export them from the DP cell via GUI and then re-import them using the new IP address. 

    Then, is better if you recreate the backup specification from scratch to use the new IP in all the configuration files and make sure that all are still reachable. 

    For the schedules, if you are using the legacy scheduler, you can go to ProgramData\OmniBack\Config\Server\BarSchedules\Integration\ or /etc/opt/omni/server/BarSchedules/integration and save the files for the current backups. Then when you create the new backup, copy the content of the olds to the new one.