How to use Fiber Channel instead of the network for DP Backups

Hi guys.

Still doing some test in our lab. Right now we are looking for a way to do certain backups using the available Fiber channel path intead of our Lan.

In this case our MSL4048 has been connected to our SAN Fabric, Also the backup server is connected here as it has a LUN in the SAN, and last the server to be backed up using the FC is connected to the SAN Fabric too.

What I did was to create a zone in the fabric with the Tape Library and the server to be Backed up as members, so right away the server saw the library, then I've tried the "Client is a Device Server" in the client properties on DataProtector, but still the backup was done using the Lan.


Now I'm wondering if I need to add the Library, and the drive, in the client and then configure this as the library to be use for this backup.

If there's a guide where I can find this please let me know, I couldn't find one or relevant information in google.




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    Hi Grimaldy,

    you need to deploy the Media Agent component to the client that has access to the library and requires SAN backups. Then configure the MSL4048 and the drives and Multi-Path devices and add the device path for this Media Agent. To have persistent device path on Windows you should define the following registry values.


    In the backup spec, Destination tab select Properties of each drive and choose the right Preferred Multi-Path host. If you're dealing with loads of SAN backups the global option LANfree=1 might help. Device filters are a good option in case you need to do SAN backups on clustered systems.

    Sebastian Koehler

  • I did it but not after discovering what I was doing wrong, I hope what follows helps someone outhere.

    So I was trying to add the library, but for some reason I wasn't able to do this automatically, the only thing that could be added was a drive.

    As only a drive could be seen by Dataprotector I wonder if I could drag & drop the drive to a library, the answer its not; also I can not add a library and add later that drive, that isn't the way this things work.

    But, at that moment I've realized that my library was missing so when I try to add a library using the SCSI address found in my other server, I received the error "No robotic device detected". After searching a while for this error I found out the command "devbra -dev", which should show me the drive and the charger.

    And Changer was the keyword, specifically I found out that the medium charger device was missing from device manager,  I don't remember the reason but at that point I decided to add the another path to the fabric.

    You see, I have the MSL4048 connected by two fibers, One connection per fabric and I have 2 Fabrics, so I haven't zonified the second fabric as I understood that wasn't need it at that point, but inmediatly after I zonified the second fabric the Charger Appeared in the Device Manager and of course everything was as smooth as posible.

  • The MSL2024/4048/8048/8096 and MSL6480 present the Changer on the first drive (by default). Related to drives used, firmware and licenses you are able to see the Changer only on a single port of that drive or only on the first port. This might explain the trouble. If you see the Changer twice (due to Zoning), you could add the alternate device path to the library configuration for basic redundancy.

    Sebastian Koehler