How to use Fiber Channel instead of the network for DP Backups

Hi guys.

Still doing some test in our lab. Right now we are looking for a way to do certain backups using the available Fiber channel path intead of our Lan.

In this case our MSL4048 has been connected to our SAN Fabric, Also the backup server is connected here as it has a LUN in the SAN, and last the server to be backed up using the FC is connected to the SAN Fabric too.

What I did was to create a zone in the fabric with the Tape Library and the server to be Backed up as members, so right away the server saw the library, then I've tried the "Client is a Device Server" in the client properties on DataProtector, but still the backup was done using the Lan.


Now I'm wondering if I need to add the Library, and the drive, in the client and then configure this as the library to be use for this backup.

If there's a guide where I can find this please let me know, I couldn't find one or relevant information in google.