Form one SOS1 ( in cell1) to SOS2 (in cell2) copy data in different cells

How to perform copy (replicated) data form one SOS in cell1 to another SOS in cell2? With hardware storeonce abke use replication and "foreing cell manager". Who to deal with SOS? I can use one SOS with two cell manager?

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  • Hi,

    While the object copy in the MoM may be supported, I would not recomend it as the performance won't be good. The reason we have replication on StoreOnce hardware is because otherwise data needs to be rehidrrated when reading. This is typically a slow process. In addition, the complete rehidrated data needs to be copied over. That is why we would not recommend this as a solution.

    What alternative do you have then? The first one would be to implement a work flow which includes the import of objects in the second cell, as already discussed before (and in the other post). Besides that, you may consider to use of VSA. I believe replication is supported there and assuming you already have the needed storage, a VSA may be a feasable option.

    I hope this helps.


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