Hi all,

Have come across an issue recently that we are unable to resolve.

We are running DP 9.0 with 2 MSL8090 libraries over fibre.

Our backups have always been set up for multi-streaming, maximum of 12 concurrent streams.

One of our backups has somehow limited itself to 4 concurrent streams, not ideal but still workable.

Unfortunately, once the first stream has completed, no other streams start. So from 10 possible streams only 4 start / complete.

This is only happening on one of the backup jobs, all other jobs appear to be running correctly.

Has anyone seen this behavious before?

I'm wondering if we need to change anything in the options file as all agents were re-installed this year when we upgraded to DP 9.0.

I'm no longer the backup manager but have been asked to assist on this one and having looked at it I cannot see anything particularly wrong. Hopefully someone in the community has seen this before or can confirm this is normal behaviour.


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