How can i set replacement device in operations

Hello all,

I am trying to figure it out one problem related with tape drivers.

I am using hpe 4048 tape driver.

how can i replace tape drivers in operations, if driver 3 is down how can automatically active other driver under the BACKUP>PROPERTIES>DESTINATION .

I can add other driver under the this path & give an order drivers but both of them is not my answer.

Thanks for your advice.

  • Hello ,

    If you replace one drive, you can go to Devices and Media > Expand the library > Select the device replaced > Make sure that new SCSI path and serial number are correct. 
    The SCSI path can be changed manually and for the Serial you can click reload. 

    The SCSI paths and serial can be checked with the command devbra -dev in the Media server. 


  • I think you mean how can you get DP to just use an available drive when running the backup?

    In BACKUP>PROPERTIES>DESTINATION make sure you have *all* drives selected that *could* be used with the backup, then restrict the number of drives that you actually want it to use by setting the min/max load balancing value.

    For example your library has 4 drives, the backup can use any drive but must ONLY use a single drive

    So I tick all 4 drives (drive_1 drive_2 drive_3 drive_4) and then set my min/max to min 1 max 1 (at the right of the drive selection)

    Then if drive 3 is not available it will use drives 1 or 2 or 4 but never more than one drive.

    If you min/max is greyed out then you didn't enable load balancing when you created the backup.

    Hope this helps!

  • I can strongly recommend this suggestion.

    That's how I am doing it since Data Protector 7.x




  • Thanks Jenni, but your mentioned solution is failed 3 or 4 combined schedule, if i chose 4 session, yes you are right first driver cover first server , then second driver at the same time start to another server.

  • Hi Mtduran,

    I'm sorry but I'm struggling to understand what you mean. Can you explain a bit more or maybe provide a copy of the relevant backup spec(s) so I can see what is configured?