Another process is in snapshot set definition phase - [File Server Backup]


File server backup jobs are continuously failing from last  couple of days with below error.


"Another process is in snapshot set definition phase. Waiting to complete."

And after that it gives error that BMA reached its inactivity timeout

"reached its inactivity timeout of 13200 seconds.
The agent on host will be shutdown."

Anyone facing same issue ?

Kindly advise



  • I assume this is a Windows server. 

    Check the snapshots created and the writers: 

    vssadmin list writers

    vssadmin list shadows

    Make sure all the writers are okay and no shadows are hanging. 

    You can try to delete them with this command: 

    vssadmin delete shadows

    Or a restart of the server will work too. 



    Thanks for the quick response.  Issue seems to be resolved.

    Noticed VBDA was in hung state and was running even after job has completed.

    Stopped all vbda and restarted data protector service.

    Thanks again for your support.





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