DP 6.20 & Exchange 2010 DAG are backups using dedicated backup vlan allowed ?????

Hello mates!


There is a problem around a new Exchange DAG system than needs to be backed up. The Nodes of the DAG have a dedicated Backup NIC and there are plans to implement a dedicated  backup network ( LAN backup ). DP 6.20 is the version of DP selected.


There are some information around ( from other clients ) saying that is not possible to back up Exchange 2010 DAG systems with dedicated Backup Vlans, the only way to implement LAN backups is using the Virtual IP of the DAG ( backups will run using production vlan !).


I have not found any HP document saying that it is possible (or not) to use dedicated backup Vlans with DAG systems,


Have any of you guys came across this challenge in the past ????