Error [81:145] while performing AUTODR SLES11 backup


while backing up /CONFIGURATION for disaster recovery in Linux SLES11 64bit, I'm receiving such error:

[Major] From: @%servername% "servername [/CONFIGURATION]" Time: 
Automatic DR information could not be collected.
Aborting the collecting of system recovery data.

I tried to review AUTODR.log file and found there such error:

ERROR redirector drutil exit: 201 ('= find kernel =', '/boot/initrd- not found')
FATAL mkrset EXCEPTION at /svnstore/unix/panther/dp_907_rel_nightly/src/recovery/drm/src/coolie/mkrset.cpp(2178):
FATAL mkrset N3drm11inval_errorE(0): Collecting rset files failed (201)


I looked for this "initrd" file, and it is in the correct place in "boot" directory.

Any ideas about the cause of an error ? I couldn't find any information about this error in AUTODR.log

Thanks in advance !


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