Consolidate IDB


Please your help, we have one cell manager with DP 9.08, the IDB is fragmented in db40 and db80, some date also is on other partition:


We need change the hardware,  but first we believe that we must consolidate the IDB, all on db80, is that correct?
As the next step, we must run an omnidbcheck -extended but we currently have a dp40 size of 110GB and db80 size of 45GB, can these sizes be a problem?



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    Hello move .dat failes manually to desire folder and after that execute omnidbutil command for to update IDB references.

    omnidbutil -remap_dcdir

    Locates DCBF across all DC directories and updates DCBF locations in the IDB if they had been moved manually (using the mv command or similar) between DC directories. This makes the IDB aware of the locations of each DCBF. This option requires exclusive access to the database.

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