(DP) Support Tip: "Peer hostname check ..." appears in inet.log

If you observe the following message in the inet.log file, this is perfectly normal in situations where there are multiple NICS or multiple hostnames for the system in question :

       2016-11-17 13:21:52.993  INET.24731.0 ["/inet/inet_util.c $Rev: 54991 $ $Date:: 2016-10-5 06:14:39 ":2598]  A.09.00 b112
       Peer hostname check: request came from host srv1.domain.org (::ffff:, which is not host  srv.domain.org

DataProtector gets the hostname associated to the incoming IP address and then compares this to the hostname of the machine and if the names do not match, then DataProtector reports the above message.  This is nothing to be concerned about but if the log file continues to grow, these messages can be removed from the file or the inet.log could be emptied as it is just an informational log file.  There is no variable at this time to turn this feature off.