Succesfull session in database, unable to restore from that point in restore section

Hi guys,


I am trying to restore certain folders from a server. In the internal database I can see the succesfull sessions for that specific drive of the server. In this case 2 February 2016.

Now when I go to the "Restore" tab to restore certain folders from that drive, the furthest point I can go back to is 28/06. I can't see any reason why the other restore points are not there.

Has anyone else encountered these problems?

  • Hi,

    given 28/06 is further away than 3 months, I assume you already changed the Search Interval box to None from the default 3 months? You should see your objects then, provided

    • They were actually part of the backup at this time
    • The session is still protected or at least not overwritten (should be, given you still see the session log)
    • The session is still under catalog protection

    With the search interval set to None, in the displayed tree find a file or directory that should have been there from the beginning (like lost found on Unix or the $Recycle.Bin on Windows), right click it and choose options. In the dialog that pops up, check the Version tab. Is there a version of that file/dir in the Backup version dropdown (or the more detailled version selection dialog hidden behind the "..." button)?


  • Hi André, 

    First off, thanks for the quick response. I had already set the intervals right.

    I can also see the objects. But when I open the versions tab, the oldest version is 28/06. Even though in the IDB it says that there are succesfull backups from:

    - 2016/02

    - 2016/01

    - etc.. even older.


    I can also see to which tapes the back up has been written to, and these tapes are in the connected library on this moment. Is there any other way I can try to directly restore from the tapes themselves?


    Kind regards