Unable to take Exchange backup in DP 10.03

TThe exchange server is installed over windows 2012 R2. The exchange backup is failing with the message

[Major] From: BMA@sr--- "HP:Ultrium 6-SCSI_3" Time: mm/dd/2018 hh:mm:ss PM
[90:180] Cannot rewind medium. ([1117] The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error. )

[Normal] From: BMA@sr---- "HP:Ultrium 6-SCSI_3" Time: mm/dd/2018 hh:mm:ss PM
Ejecting medium '19'.

[Critical] From: BMA@sr--- "HP:Ultrium 6-SCSI_3" Time: mm/dd/2018 hh:mm:ss PM
[90:56] Tape1:1:0:4:0C
Cannot close device (Details unknown.)

[Major] From: BMA@srb---- "HP:Ultrium 6-SCSI_3" Time: mm/dd/2018 hh:mm:ss PM
[90:64] => UMA@SR-----@Changer1:0:2:1
Cannot unload exchanger medium (Details unknown.)


We have upgraded from DP 8.1 to DP 10.03. While migrating Server hostname also needed to be changed as there was error in upgrading to DP 10.03 with the prevailing hostname. The system was released for further use after DP team corrected settings and resolved errors.

Apart from Exchange we are also taking file system backup from HP unix which is working fine. Agents on all the servers are updated to 10.03. 

The DP team has checked the system and reported no issues at their end. The ticket was forwarded to hardware team which has also given go ahead for the same. However, the error still persists.

Looking for further help and ideas.