LTO5 - 1 month - pool

Hello, all!

I have a little question about optimization of used space on our MSL Library.

Most of our backups in DP are protected for 1-2 weeks.

But there are some that are protected for 4 weeks. But both of them are written to the same filesystem pool, the same tapes.

Thats why I think these 4 weeks backups prevent tapes from being expired. Will it be better to have a special 4 week/1 month pool for such backups?


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    yes, since the expired space does not become available if at least one object on mdiea is protected, it will be better to have a dedicated pool for the backups with higher retention.


    Please keep in mind, that in this case you need two backup specification with the same clients to backup, as the pool is assigned to the devices.


    If your full backup nearly fits on one media, you can try the pool policy "appendable on incrementals only" to prevent small incremental backups mixed in your full backups.


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