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I did have another thread open, but I wasn't sure if it was a better idea to create a new thread for this topic.


Data Protector version 10.*

Cell Manager and Installation Server are both installed on the same Linux machine.

Client is installed on a Windows machine.

Cell Manager and client have connectivity over ICMP  using hostname, FQDN, and IP.

During client installation process, the "check response" from Cell Manager was successful.


I'm basically trying to login to the Data Protector manager from my Windows client, but I don't have a working set of credentials to use. Consequently all login attempts produce the following error:

Insufficient permissions, access denied.

I am able to connect to the cell manager, but I was not able to run the omniuser -add command. The error message is:

"The specified user group 'admin does not exist"

I found and followed /img/bandr/f/itrc-251/28225/the-specified-user-group-admin-does-not-exist-when-trying-to-add-new-user-to-a-fresh-installation.

The omniuser -list command produces no results.

When I run /opt/omni/bin/perl /opt/omni/sbin/, I receive the following error messages:


Migration of DP Groups and Users started

<====================== Summary ======================>

Adding Roles ...


Roles Failed 22

Adding groups ...


Groups Failed 3

Adding users ...



The specified user group 'admin' does not exist.

Attempting to set the password for 'root|*|'

Invalid user details

User 'root|*|' could not be migrated



The specified user group 'admin' does not exist

Attempting to set the password for 'hpdp|*|'

Invalid user details

User 'hpdp|*|' could not be migrated

Users Added :

Users could not be migrated : 2

List of users not migrated




Migration terminated with errors

Job took 3 seconds


Any help would be appreciated.


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  • Hello ,

    This is something I have seen before. The name resolution is not working on the new Cell Manager causing the AppServer to fail. This needs to be fixed first.

    Make sure that the hostname and the dnsdomainname command return something valid. If this is a test environment modify the /etc/hosts to look something this. localhost localhost.localdomain
    XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX hostname.domain.tld hostname

    Then use -Delete to clean-up and restart the installation.

    Sebastian Koehler

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