Error when importing the IS LINUX



After install the 10.02 Data Protector Installation Server LInux ( CentOS 6.9 ) and try to import it in the Cell Manager i am receiving the following error:

C:\Users\user>omnicc -import_is server.local
- Please use the fingerprint to validate the certificate manually!
Certificate information:
- Hostname:(null)
- Valid: from (null) until (null)
- Fingerprint: 3c:22:5e:83:37:22:e5:6d:63:78:ce:1c:14:54:a4:4f:cc:36:82:23:2d:7c:37:bb:7b:90:bd:20:f5:8f:19:10
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[12:1660] Import Installation Server failed.
System error: [10054] Conexão redefinida pelo par

[12:1660] Import Installation Server failed.
System error: [10054] Conexão redefinida pelo parceiro

And the  /var/opt/omni/log/debug.log  in the IS there are the entries below:

018-02-08 15:42:44.162 INET.1757.0 ["/lib/ipc/ipc.c $Rev: 58918 $ $Date:: 2017-06-14 07:45:17 ":3345] A.10.00 b306
[IpcGetHostInfoEx] empty_hostname

2018-02-08 15:42:44.164 INET.1757.0 ["/lib/ipc/ipc.c $Rev: 58918 $ $Date:: 2017-06-14 07:45:17 ":4939] A.10.00 b306
[IpcIPIsLocal] empty_ip

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  • Hi, 

    You need to enter the user and password with admin rights in this server to install the software. 

    This is a normal behavior. 


  • Even if the version 10.00 is already installed ? It just na upgrade.

    So if is necessary, this server have the SSH port changed to 2227 and the root can't login directly.

    Is there a solution for this case ?

  • Hello, 

    If the installation process connects to the client the connection is fine. 

    Now, you have to specify a user that can install the software. Even if is an upgrade you need a user with this rights. You only have to type it. 

    When you use the user with permissions to install the process should work properly. 

    If the issue persists please copy the messages generated for the process and send me this. (Remember to change the names of the servers for privacy.)


  • Hello

    Please check SSH configuration, if this right DP shouldn't ask for root password.

    Client installation procedure (push installation to Linux and UNIX clients)
    Linux clients used to take rsh and rexec on Installation Servers (IS) to push packages to be locally
    installed on clients (if not already configured to SSH). From Data Protector 10.00, Data Protector is
    using SSH as the default mechanism to send and install software on new clients. If SSH Keys are not
    pre-configured between the IS and the clients, then a password will be prompted for on a per-client
    basis. If you use password-less SSH make sure the omnirc-variable “OB2_SSH_ENABLED” is set to 1
    on the IS.
    Benefit: SSH is a much more secure protocol when compared to rsh and rexec, which both send and
    receive data in an unencrypted format. SSH sends data encrypted and is widely regarded as one of
    the most secure protocols within the network. Another inherent benefit is that mutual exchange
    certificates (public keys) between a Cell Manager and client will happen over this secure SSH channel.

    Best Regards

  • Hi Andres!

    So is not necessary to create the SSH Trust relationship  between servers, OK ?

    If the SSH port on the server ( DIsk Agent ) has been changed from 22 to 2227 ( for example ), how can instruct the IS to use another port instead the default SSH 22 ?


  • Verified Answer

    Hello dcampregher, 

    DP uses the default SSH port configured in the IS to try to connect to the client. In my investigation, is not possible to tell DP what port use, but you can configure this on OS level. I found this forum that could help you:


  • Hello dcampregher, 

    Hope you are good. Do you have any news regarding this forum? I really appreciate your answer.