Need advice on license

How many DP licenses enough to backing up 3 SQL servers, 1 file servers and Exchange 2010?


  • This is the current license info


    License Category            : On-line Extension for ONE Windows / Linux system
    Licenses Installed          : 2
    Licenses Used               : 7
    Licenses Required           : 5


    License Category            : Advanced backup to disk for 1 TB
    Licenses Capacity Installed : 3 TB
    Licenses Capacity In Use    : reporting of this value is not supported
    Licenses Capacity Required  : reporting of this value is not supported


  • Verified Answer


    there are missing a lot of info's to answer your question.


    1. You need a cell Manager (Windows or Unix) - the starter Pack contains 1 Drive (Windows/Unix = different licence)

    2. You want to backup your databases online or just a filesystem backup from a dump? --> Online requires extension per Server (Windows/Unix = different licence)

    3. Exchange --> Online extension per Server

    4. Fileserver - no add. licence needed

    5. What do you use as target for your backups? Local Drives/ SAN Drives/Library/Virtual LIbrary/Disk? (different licence ...)