Tape Report: Library vs. Single Drive



We have three locations with MSL 2048 and one with a single LTO-5 drive.

The operators have to change the tape's every day. To check, if that's done, I created a Report on the library's, which is sent to the helpdesk.

I like to do the same for the single drive. I could send the log of a scanjob, but that way, the protection of the tape is not part of the report and they have to check the protection.


Is there a way, to grab the tapename out of the scanjob and use this information to present the information about the protection in a report?


Any other ideas / workarounds?


EDIT: DP is running on a W2k8 server, may be important for scripting.

  • I usually use a report on a pool (specific used by a device/backup job) and to report on media used and have an overview how long the media has to stay away from cell for vaulting purposes. Maybe a second report may be useful in your case.

    Sure, you can do some scripting since Perl is shipped with each disk agent . I would start with the output of omnimm to display media in pool or used in a session.

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    I'm not a coder, so perl was to complicated for me.

    Now, I have a workaround, for this (The tape has to be changed till 16:00):


    I created a backup job, which backups a small txt file on the Cell Manager, without protection. This Job starts at 16:05 and takes around 30s to finish.

    At 16:15 I'm running a report job "Report on a single Session", with type "Report on Used Media" for this dummy job.


    This way I get a report, with the informations I need: