DP 10 Scheduler Impressions

I'm curious to hear what others think about the new DP 10 scheduler.

Personally, I hate it and feel it may be time consider replacing DP with a different product.  Given the problems already reported with this change, I'm in no hurry to deploy DP 10 to any of my production cells.

My 1st impression complaints:

1) The job schedule is no longer a tab on the specification definition; now it is a totally different screen/view that looks nothing like the GUI, and making it more difficult to visualize the schedule.

2) Job schedules must now be given a name.  This is ok, but at minimum new schedules should be pre-populated with the backup/copy/report name.  Why make it necessary to re-type, or copy a schedule name?

3) Since no CLI commands exist for manipulating schedules, scripts/editors could be leveraged with the old scheduler txt files.  Now that option is no longer available since schedules reside in the IDB. 

4) In my environment the scheduler fails to render correctly using IE (default browser on Server 2012 installations), the editing icons are invisible.

5) Once I've edited a schedule, I cannot edit a different schedule unless I close the GUI and relaunch, or reselect the cell from the cell selection dialog.


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    Thanks for your input.

    1. That is understandable. On the other hand the day and month view of the schedule could make things easier than before.

    2. Thanks for this input, makes sense.

    3. CLI commands are planned to be introduced with 10.03.

    4. Disable the "IE Enhanced Security Configuration", this issue is mentioned in the Admin Guide.

    5. In case this still appears after doing the solution from 4., please open a support case for further investigation.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Having CLI commands to manipulate schedules will be a big help; hopefully the cli can be leveraged via scripts to make mass changes (if needed) or in the case where existing schedules do not migrate to v 10 successfully. 

    Disabling the enhanced IE security feature did indeed fix the scheduler view.  I can also switch back and forth between the scheduler and backup configuration windows.

    I've read that the scheduler still has issues, and I've been unable to determine if the follwowing is a known issue.

    I setup two schedules for 'weeks' and set the schedule for each weekday except Tuesdays.  The monthly view shows 2 jobs scheduled on every day except Mondays.  I'm assuming the view is incorrect and the actual schedule is correct, but I guess I will see next week when it actually runs.

    Needless to say, we'll stick with DP 9.09 while DP 10 matures a bit.   This new scheduler looks to have the potential to cause significant problems.

  • It's been a nightmare for me since I upgraded to DP 10. The biggest problem is with the migration of the schedules to the IDB.

    DP 9.05 --> DP 10.00 : All schedules lost because the migration script couldn't run, had to recreate all schedules by hand
    DP 10.00 --> DP 10.01 : Lost all schedules again except the filesystem schedules, and when I tried to create a new schedule, I had the error "Internal server error".

    DP 10.01 --> DP 10.02 : version 10.02 was supposed to fix this issue but didn't. The "Internal server error" ended up resolving itself magically a few days later, and I had to recreate all the missing schedules.

    Now this week, all my schedules disappeared! For no reason! And whenever I recreated a new schedule it just disappeared a few seconds later. I had to apply an hotfix (DP1002_B308_QCCR2A77330_HF1) so the schedules doesn't disppears by themself and then restore the IDB to recover my schedules.

  • I have the same problem with the overview of the scheduler here. Unfortunately, I have already updated to DP 10.02. To make the scheduling clearer should I now use the CLI Commands?
    Has the bussiness been involved and asked for best practice?
    I would like to go back to DP 9xx. Is that possible ?

    Best regards

  • Hi Kay,


    I have the same problem with the overview of the scheduler here. Unfortunately, I have already updated to DP 10.02. To make the scheduling clearer should I now use the CLI Commands?

    I would recommend to upgrade to 10.03 to get better overview and CLI functionality for scheduling.


    I would like to go back to DP 9xx. Is that possible ?

    Only if you have a valid backup of the Cell Manager prior to the upgrade and it is a manual rollback. Any newly created backups need to be imported afterwards. But this really depends on when the upgrade was performed.

    Sebastian Koehler

  • Hi Sebastian,

    Thanks for fast response. I will give DP 10.03 a try. Does DP 9xx work with LTO7 and NetApp OnTap Release 8.2.5P1?

    Best Regards


  • Hi Kay,

    Here are information from latest A.09.09_116 support matrix.


    Support Matrices for DP 9.0x

    Sebastian Koehler

  • Return the old scheduler, accessible from the specification tab of the backup,, new web-based scheduler is a big mistake

  • Hi Sebastian,

    I am running on version 10.03 but don't see any command line scheduling options available in this version. Can you please share the available options. 



  • var.JPGYou are completely right about the DP scheduler in DP 10.  It looks as if it has been designed totally without communication with the real world.

    I upgraded one of my customers today and found that administering the scheduling now has become some of a nightmare.  The conversion created/converted one schedule in version 9 into  7 schedules in version 10 for my MSSQL (Se screenshot).  It is impossible to get an overview over what each schedule actually does, and every time I go into one I have to start over again from the Backup edit pane to go into another.  There is now no place in the backup pane, I can see when next backup are run for all the backups.  It seems to be impossible to delete these seven schedules, I need to go into each one of them to delete one at the time.  There is no easy overview over when a trans backup and when a full backup is run: Yes, I regret very much doing this upgrade now.  Will not do any other customers until the scheduler gets in sync with what the real world would like.  A compatibility mode with the old scheduler would solve this, but I suppose that option is gone.  Unbelievable that a scheduler like this could find its way to release. It seems like there was no check with real life installations. :-(