GRE and Old CM Hostname


I'm looking for help with this recent issue I've uncovered. I recently migrated our Cell Manager from domainA to domainB with a new hostname and IP address. The process is not straightforward so I managed to get it working by following,, and

Everything seems to be running OK, except I cannot register the 'Advanced GRE Web Plug-in' to my vCenter 5.5 (Windows) and vCenter 6.5 (Appliance). The error returned is:

Following error(s) occurred during Register of Advanced GRE Web Plug-in


The GRE configuration must be referncing the old Cell Manager hostname but I do not know where. Looking for any insight as to where I can find this config and change it.

Many thanks!

OS: WIndows Server 2012 R2

Patch level Patch description
DPWIN_20200 (A.09.09) Core Component
DPWIN_20201 (A.09.09) Cell Manager Component
DPWIN_20202 (A.09.09) Disk Agent
DPWIN_20203 (A.09.09) General Media Agent
DPWIN_20204 (A.09.09) User Interface
DPWIN_20205 (A.09.09) English Documentation (Guides, Help)
DPWIN_20200 (A.09.09) Core Technology Stack
DPWIN_20201 (A.09.09) Cell Server Technology Stack
DPWIN_20201 (A.09.09) Application Server Technology Stack
DPWIN_20201 (A.09.09) Web Services
DPWIN_20201 (A.09.09) Java Runtime Environment Technology Stack
DPWIN_20201 (A.09.09) Job Control Engine Service Dispatcher
DPWIN_20201 (A.09.09) Job Control Engine Service Registry
Number of patches found: 13.