DP10 - VM in Cluster Hyper-V backup, host WMI connection error


Error message when you back up a VM on Host 1 when the VM is on Host 2, on a Hyper-V cluster:

" ...

Host 'hvh01.nnnnnnnn.local':
Cannot connect through WMI using Hyper-V credentials.

Cannot find the following virtual machines:
'XXX (GUID: AF60A406-9AFD-4873-AA9B-xxxxxxxxxx)'


DP 10.03

Cluster login: User with Domain Admin previleges.

Client: Cluster Hyper-V - ok

Client System: hosts Hyper-V 1 and 2 - ok

If VM is in Host 1 and the Virtual Environment - VE Settings was for Host1 - Backup OK

If VM was in Host 2 and Virtual Environment - VE Settings was for Host1 - Backup NotOK

Being a Hyper-V cluster environment Host1 and Host2, because Virtual Environement - VE Settings

was configured for Host1, if the VM is on host 2, should not the backup be successful?

Any soluctions ??




Alfredo Santos