Backup over Fiber / Lan-FREE DP 10.04 (Help)

We want our backups to go over fiber.  We have tried several things and nothing appears to have worked.  Based on what we have below what recommendations can someone make? Our current backup method is via targeting the VM servers as a regular clients which is sending the data over the network.  The Virtual GRE has been setup and tested but that traffic also goes across the network.  Multipathing has been enabled on the tape unit and backup jobs. Agent licensing is not an issue at this time.

I am also making the assumption that if the backup data was going over the fiber I should not see significant network traffic on the inbound nic of the DP server.

  • Target Servers are Windows 2016 VMs with the DA, MA and Show Copy agents installed.
  • Target Servers are hosted on two VMware ESXi 6.5 hosts within vSphere.
  • The two ESXi host’s storage is an HPE 3PAR which is connected to a Brocade fiber switch.
  • The DP Cell Manager (v10.04) is a physical server (Windows Server 2016) and connected to the fiber switch also.
  • Our backups go to tape which is an HPE MSL6480 unit also connected to the fiber switch.
  • The fiber zones are as such:
  • DP Backup Server to 3PAR Storage
  • DP Backup Server to MSL6480 Tape Unit
  • ESXi01 to 3PAR Storage
  • ESXi02 to 3PAR Storage
  • MSL6480 Tape Unit to ESXiHosts
  • The 3PAR virtual volumes that the ESXi hosts are using is also presented/exported to the DP Cell Manager server.

Thank you.