EADR of One Physical Node of MS Cluster

Yesterday, I was asked to restore a single physical node of a Microsoft SQL cluster.  The node wouldn't boot so I was asked to prepare the .iso image for the restore.  I selected the "Host to be recovered", the "Recovery media creation host", selected Enhanced Automatic Disaster Recovery," and "Backup session" but I got this error: 

The disaster recovery wizard was unable to find 'n/a' object/drive backed up. This object is required to update the disaster recovery information.

Fortunately, the server team was able to recover the server, not sure what they did, but for future reference, I need to know if what I was trying to do is actually possible.

When I pulled up the srd file in Notepad, I saw that all of the drives were part of the file, including the drives that are assigned to the virtual nodes.  Is it possible to EADR just what I need to restore the physical node in a case like this, where one physical node of the cluster will not boot?  Or can I only EADR the entire cluster?