New patches messing up IDB?

I just installed the new set of December patches for DP 6.11 Windows yesterday (fortunately on a test cell!) and now I"m having a number of issues.

1. RDS appears to be stopping for no reason.
2. omnidbcheck -quick shows OK.
3. ombidbcheck -extended still running - awaiting results.
4. In DEBUG.LOG, I'm getting the following message:
12/28/2010 3:15:49 PM OMNISV.4880.4588 ["/lib/cmn/win32exe.c $Rev: 12956 $ $Date:: 2010-09-10 13:37:45":719] A.06.11 bDPWIN_00476
Process already exited ? with value 0x00000000!
[dcbf_mediumFile_create] all DCBF directories are disabled: noSpace=0, noFiles=1, maxUsed=0

Did I manage to trip across a bug in the 476 patch or something?